Xmas market <wrap your troubles in dreams>

YEAH RIGHT!! At the atelier shop <here>, gifts, clothes, shoes, etc. for the Christmas season are available, and a special wrapping service “wrap your troubles in dreams” will be available from Friday, December 9th to December 12th. It will be held until 24 (Sat).

During the exhibition period, we welcome the shoe brand “JUCO.”, which will start its 2nd season, and YEAH RIGHT!!’s clothes, accessories, fabrics, JUCO. are waiting for you.

Here and JUCO. special wrapping will be provided free of charge during the exhibition period.

Just remember that sunshine always follows the rain.
So wrap your troubles in dreams,
and dream your troubles away.

<wrap your troubles in dreams>
Dates: 12/9 (Fri) - 12/24 (Sat)
here store hours Friday 13:00-18:00
Saturday 12:00-18:00

The online store is always available during the period.

here online store