2022-23 A/W collection “RE:MIX” exhibition

YEAH RIGHT!! 22-23AW new exhibition starts this week here.

While trying on new samples, we also accept remake semi-orders while consulting with us, such as requests for remake parts.

Anyone can come by appointment, so please come and visit us at this opportunity.

2022-23 A/W collection “RE:MIX” exhibition

4/7 (thu) to 4/9 (sat)
4/14 (thu) - 4/16 (sat)

12-1 Sarugakucho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0033
Daikanyama Corporus Building No. 1 1410

5 minutes walk from Daikanyama station 10 minutes walk from Shibuya station

From the form below, select "here customer" from the menu >> select a convenient time and make a reservation.

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YEAH RIGHT!! The theme of the 2022-23 A/W collection is "RE:MIX".
“RE:” stands for “RE:”, which represents the remake that is the core of the production of YEAH RIGHT!!, which is attached every season, and RE:MIX, which means to mix and stir.

Thinking, methods, misunderstandings, new products, habits, archives, gaps, old clothes, intentions, etc. Although it is an extension of the remake production that I make every day, the product has become a collection that captures the current atmosphere.

With graphic designer Shun Sasaki, fab-graff (fab graph >> fabric graffiti. YR that remakes fabrics and prints like graffiti! A unique method.) 3 types of Expand graphics.

This season, we will continue to create a remake collection of vintage items carefully selected by the designer one by one on our own production lines such as sewing factories and atelier production, so that even the same model will have different items depending on the store and web shop. , You can enjoy choosing the one that suits you.

Shun Sasaki Graphic Designer/Art Director
Born in Sendai in 1985.
Graduated from Tama Art University Graphic Design Department in 2010.
Established AYOND in 2016.
Received the 2020 JAGDA Newcomer Award.
So far, the poet Tahi Saihate's books and poems such as "The night sky is always the densest blue", The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo "Place of Design", Akita City Sponsored "Take 200 Years" ”, “NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen” program logo design and art direction. Participating exhibitions include the 2018 Ota City Museum of Art and Library, “Looking at Words, Walking with Words: Landscapes with Poetry and Songs.”